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"The Abacus temporary kiosk" - Retail kiosk design and construction drawings, graphics package.

Abacus Home Loans kiosk - Box Hill Central Shopping Centre" Abacus required a very compact kiosk design to interview potential new customers for home loans.

Abacus temporary leasing kiosk design is a great example of how we were able to take Abacus Home Loans existing brand and develop a compact and user friendly kiosk for interviewing and canvasing new potential customers for home loans.


The environment is a very small footprint of only 4 metres x 3 metres and the space planning allows for 2 work stations, plenty of storage and enough privacy to discuss individuals personal finances in comfort.


The design incorporates a variety of finishes which compliment the colours of the brand and the detail in the joinery has created an interesting and very functional design.


This design includes a TV advertising monitor, recessed brochure holders, private meeting area, second interviewing area, storage for printers, personal goods and filing as well as a large work bench area for stand up interaction with customers passing through the mall.


We supplied the complete graphics package for Abacus and made up a series of icons with key benefits and saved them thousands of dollars by sourcing a standard raised floor.


The kiosk design stands out well in the mall and looks smart and business like complementing the Abacus business model. It can be re located at any time by simply unplugging the power and moving it to a new location.

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