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"Baby Mode" - Shop Design, Space Planning,

Merchandising, Signage, Construction Drawings.

"Baby Mode shop Designer"

We developed and coordinated the complete fitout design, signage, graphics and merchandising solution to give Baby Mode a complete store design  with maximum impact.

Baby Mode is a family business which has been in Melbourne for over 20 years representing all of the major brands in the baby goods retail market.


Baby Mode wanted to have a unique and flexible shop design solution which would enable them to stand out and provide an innovative and modern retail shopping experience for their customers.


We began the shop design from a blank canvas of an open warehouse and created the space planning and retail shop design  based around two very large custom designed central pram carousel displays.


The retail shop design includes one of a kind:


• Carousel Displays

• Custom Designed Curved Shelving and Fittings

• Gondola Displays

• Individual Pram / Product Feature Gondolas

• Decor and Apparel Customised Bulkheads

• Retail Counter and Backdrop

• Movable Partition Walls

• Custom Window Display Feature Product Upstands



In fact the entire shop design from end to end has been completely custom designed to give Baby Mode an integrated retail shop design that takes them to a new level as a leading baby shop retailer in this market place.


The shop design is inspiring, our industrial design knowledge has made this concept a reality, providing one of a kind fixtures and fittings which not only look amazing, but function with clever flexibility.


This unique and completely custom designed retail system allows the client to continually keep the store merchandising interesting as they can move the curved shelving system up and down.


They can feature any major product whilst having the flexibility to insert standard merchandising fittings to display smaller accessories anywhere around the featured product. The walls of the customised curved displays are perforated to allow complete flexibility at all times.


This is a truly unique and amazing shop design which makes the customer experience a journey of discovery.


From any blank warehouse we can imagine extraordinary retail spaces which function and look amazing as your shop designer.

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