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"Bows" - Brand re Development – Company Logo,

Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Retail Design and Construction Drawings.

"Bows kiosk in Stockland Traralgon and store rebrand in Midvalley Morwell" - Bows kiosk was a complete new design and  brand development for the existing Bows business. The project included logo design, store design, construction drawings, product photography, graphic design and signage. The store was designed to meet a 40K budget less equipment which we achieved.

Designing beautiful spaces in every detail

Bows original store before re- Branding

The Bows complete package brand development and retail design was created in a fun, bright coloured and iconic style for the purpose to franchise the business.


This first retail store is located in a Traralgon and is the first of 3 existing stores to redevelop with this exciting new and striking retail brand strategy.


The logo was developed around the name Bows which naturally translated into a bow shape giving a uniqueness to the brand logo design.


The end result of the Bows icon was coupled with the red and white stripes which create a brand with long term possibilities for this icon and brand identity to become a recognised franchise.


The success of the first store opening has been such a brilliant return on investment for the customer and  they are all ready looking to revamp the existing Midvalley store in Morwell and will soon update the brand identity for the Sale kiosk


Bows is an exciting and new complete brand development by Toothpicks Creative from the corporate logo design to the completion of the entire brand and store design.


We provided a 3d rendering of the kiosk design concept which we then translated into final construction drawings detailing all equipment, finishes and fixings.


The Bows family business is already a successful long term retailer and with their new store design brand strategy and packaging design they are well on their way to developing this business as a successful retail franchise model.

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