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" We must help to grow the clients business first then ours will naturally follow"


Finding the winning components to build you a complete brand requires a relationship with a design team built on trust and integrity.


At Toothpicks Creative you work direct with the designers.


It all comes down to what makes the consumer instantly relate to the products,  messages and image your company portrays.


The difference between two products of equal quality and their value is the consumers perception of the brand.


We combine innovative and creative thinking to offer a complete branding and design service on time and to budget.

We can create for you a cafe, kiosk or restaurant interior that works from every aspect of human interaction from the ease of the staff work flow environment to the customer's complete experience.


With our experience, we build an understanding of each clients industry position to formulate the best image/branding so as to project your business to it’s target audience.


We specialise in combining the retail design with the graphics to make the complete retail environment complimentary by design.


Our expertise will make your business unique and give you a brand strategy that you can build on over time.


We offer services from retail interior design, space planning, logo design, advertising campaigns, point of sale, style guides, signage, large format printing,  website development, packaging, and industrial design.


Experience, clever thinking and a true passion for design in every detail is exactly what we deliver.

Toothpicks Creative Managing Director

Phone: (03) 9533 5829 or Email:[email protected]

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Established 1991 •  Boutique Design Studio •  Restaurant designer •  Kiosk designer •  Cafe designer • Bar designer •  Shop designer •  Interiors & Branding