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Shopping Centre Liaison:


Shopping centre design approvals for retail environments.


Most commonly the role of the design consultant is to ensure that there is a smooth transition between the tenant and the compliance with the design guidelines.


At Toothpicks Creative we often work with the design consultant on your behalf to ensure that you have an approved set of drawings which will will comply to their guidelines.


The general areas which the design consultant will

implement are as follows:


• developing a retail handbook and
  full fit-out guide/constraints


• introduce, explain and control
  tenants through the landlord and
  landlord design team approvals


• control tenant interfaces with the
  shopping centre systems, the
  landlord and neighbouring tenants


• handover shell unit to tenant and
  fit out contractors ensuring all
  necessary insurances and
  documentation in place


• monitoring of tenant fit-out


• follow up on certificates, etc.
  required by landlord



Shopping Centre Liaison:


The design process with most shopping centres requires us as the designer to work with the appointed shopping centre design consultant.


We need to ensure that we adhere to the design rules of that particular shopping centre complex and to make sure that the overall design will work well in the broader environment.


At Toothpicks Creative we help our customers through this process with a seamless delivery of professional retail shop design and final approved construction drawings.

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