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"Chips Mate" - Retail kiosk design and

construction drawings.

Chips Mate is a fun new kiosk brand which opened in early 2016 at the Bayside Shopping Centre in Frankston. This kiosk design features a couple of bright yellow chips on the corner of the store to give this brand a unique definition in a competitive retail environment.


The kiosk design is the first in Australia for Chips Mate and has the potential to develop as a franchise very quickly. the kiosk design reflects the colours of the existing logo and introduces wood and tiles as the main elements which enhance a very clean and simple look which is completely focused on building a strong brand strategy.


The yellow chips architecturally designed on each end of the kiosk will allow customers to instantly recognise the Chips Mate stores from a distance providing a point of difference to stand out in the busy shopping centre.


Chips Mate offers different flavoured chips and chicken wings which are delivered very quickly hot and ready to the customers so the work space planning allows for 2 to 4 staff members at all times to easily move around inside of the kiosk without feeling cramped.


Like any fast food environment it is important to design clever space planning so as the staff feel good and the work flow remains efficient from the process of stock arriving to customer delivery.


At Toothpicks Creative we understand the essential ingredients to making retail kiosk designs that are efficient, practical and look great.

"Chips Mate Retail Kiosk Design - Bayside Shopping Centre" Chips Mate is a fun and exciting new brand with a unique retail kiosk design with a view to franchise in the near future.

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