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Construction Drawings:


The construction drawings are the graphic & written record of decisions made during the design process.  They consist of the final drawings with complete details of finishes, details and specifications and are used to communicate the design intent for construction.



This comprehensive document gives you a complete binding record of what is expected from the shopfitter when he quotes and engages to build the store.


Our detailed drawings include:


• Location Plan

• Important Manufacturing Notes

• Schedule of Finishes

• Furnishings & fittings

• Equipment List

• Kitchen Equipment

• Dimension Floor

• Reflected Ceiling Plan

• Hydraulic Services Existing

• Shopfront Elevations

• Interior Elevations

• Detail Drawings

• Counter Detail Drawings

• Perspective views


We pride ourselves on the quality and detail which we put into our construction drawings and cover every aspect from each powerpoint to every light fitting,  location of all equipment and details of how it is all made.

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