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"The Curve Kiosk Design" - Retail Kiosk Design,

Construction Drawings.

This beautiful Melbourne retail design is the ultimate example of form and function. This kiosk design is compliant to Westfield standards and was extremely innovative and the first of it's kind in Australia.


Designed for franchise roll out to save thousands.


This is our most innovative retail kiosk design and there were big challenges which we had to overcome to ensure that the compound curves were going to be able to hold light fittings and the internal plumbing required for the functional kitchen at the rear of the store.


The most exciting aspect regarding this retail design concept is that the cost savings to produce multiple stores from a single mold is massive.


This retail kiosk design remains the intellectual property of Toothpicks Creative and these retail kiosks can be branded to suit a range of business offerings such as ice cream - gelato kiosk - sushi bar - and muck more.


If you are looking for a clever franchise retail kiosk design roll out model which can potentially save thousands in ongoing store roll outs this is an option which might be of interest to you.

"Unique curve kiosk design"

This kiosk design was the first in Australia to introduced a mold based concept which can be easily replicated for franchise roll outs. This curve design is owned by Toothpicks Creative.

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