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"Degani Northcote" - Restaurant design upgrade,

outdoor alfresco area architectural design

The Degani Northcote restaurant design upgrade will bring new life to the existing popular and busy cafe.


The new design is using the infrastructure of the existing kitchen and restaurant layout and giving the interior a modern makeover by creating a new alfresco dining area outside that can be locked up at night rather than packing up at the end of each day.


The alfresco area uses folding black steel window sections and perforated metal sections and we introduced bluestone crazy pavers to the interior floor and exterior wall panels for a fantastic and unique new look.


The new interior design will showcase a parquetry tiled wall behind the couch seating area and the same tiles will wrap the existing columns behind the serving area. A new bar and shelving in copper finish has been added to the existing counter and the tiling throughout the interior has been upgraded to reflect the new design style.


There will be new furniture and light fittings throughout the restaurant interior design to bring a holistic approach for this upgrade. The new environment will improve the daily operations by saving time with opening and closing the premises as well as a more efficient bar delivery service direct to the customers which will free up floor staff to service tables.


The owners are very excited about the forthcoming changes and upgrade and through our 3D modeling service we have been able to give the owners a really good impression of what the final renovation of the interior design will look like before they have spent any money on shop fitting.

"Degani Northcote" - We would like to upgrade the design of our existing restaurant and we want the new look to be warm and inviting with a new enclosed alfresco area out front so as we don't have to move all of the furniture in and out every day.

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