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Fuel Juice and Soup Bar began as a small caravan style booth in the heart of Latrobe University which had been operating for a number of years.


The University required the company to take one of the retail shops on the campus and our task was to create a new company logo design, retail design and construction drawings for Fuel Juice.


The brand identity has a unique and almost retro feel with a modern edge by using a combination of typefaces from the bold and hand written mixed with a softer pallet of colours.


The interior uses a lot of satin finished plywood which is a sustainable resource as well as stainless steel bench tops for practical and aesthetic reasons.


The interior design and space planning allows for a large number of students to walk into the shop front, make their order and have plenty of room to move as the demand for fresh juices and smoothies particularly in summer is very high.


The design was very well received from the University management and the students alike and the company now has a complete brand identity to build the business to the next level again and possibly expand into other campuses into the future which is the owners long term goal.


The logo design and the fun little rocket graphic give this brand a unique look which has many possible applications through all sorts of media into the future.


If you are any where near Latrobe University in Melbourne make sure that you take some time out to "FUEL YOUR SOUL" at the Fuel Juice and Soups Bar.

"Fuel Juice" - Juice & Soup Bar - Brand identity,

Company logo, Graphic design, Retail interior design
and Construction drawings.

"Fuel Juice & Soups Bar - Latrobe University"

"Hi Wayne, Nothing to difficult, you live up to your companies promise of being creatively to the point and I appreciated you following up many times.

Thanks for your great work.


Best Regards,  John"

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