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"The Gloria Jeans Coffees" -  Retail Design &

Construction drawings to upgrade the kiosk.

This Gloria Jeans Coffees kiosk was very damaged and needed a upgrade when we were called in by the franchise owner to provide a new set of construction drawings which included all of the new specifications of the current franchise model for the kiosk to be re-vamped.


Our involvement was to work with the Gloria Jeans Coffees head office and provide a new set of construction drawings implementing the new surface finishes, graphics and signage package to meet with the franchise current criteria and style guide.


John who owns the kiosk was very happy that we were able to provide him with a fast turn around,cost effective and seamless transition for his store upgrade.


We were responsible to design the appropriate finishes which could cost effectively upgrade the store and the end result has made a big difference in the stores presentation.


We have years of experience with designing within the corporate guidelines of multinational companies such as Franke, Omega, Dulux and many others so we therefore understand the importance of an existing brands consistency and we can successfully implement designs accordingly working closely with the Franchise corporate team.

"Gloria Jeans Coffees -

Fountain Gate shopping centre"

Store design upgrade to the existing kiosk and changes to improve the overall look of the kiosk included new finishes, graphics and signage.

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