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Toothpicks company logo retail design cafe design specialists

...Creatively to the point

We design logos, brochures, packaging, advertisments, signage whatever you need.

"Toothpicks Creative Pty Ltd was an integral part of getting Boost Juice Bars off the ground. Their commitment to a client's success clearly shows."

Janine Allis - Founder

We are specialists in logo design and brand development.

We have many years of experience and understand how to design across all mediums whist keeping the integrity of the companies corporate image of any given company.

Graphic design, it's all about clear messages


Graphics is all about communication and appeal. Conveying your information in a concise and good looking manor is what will make your products attractive to you customers.


Toothpicks creative was established in 1991 and we have designed for so many different industries that we understand the way to approach any given brief and get the most out if it for our clients.


We have vreated style guides for major organisations such as Storage King, Chemmart Pharmacy, Boost Juice Bars, Home Timber & Hardware and many more.


Our design team has experience in the exhibition industry, museum design, vehicle signage and retail point of sale and packaging design as well as traditional brochures, posters, stationary and digital media.


We can help you with any project that you have in mind when it comes to graphics we have the results of the largest agencies at affordable prices.


Phone: (03) 9533 5829 or Email:[email protected]

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Established 1991 •  Boutique Design Studio •  Restaurant designer •  Kiosk designer •  Cafe designer • Bar designer •  Shop designer •  Interiors & Branding