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Health Freak Café is and established and fast growing franchise based in Perth and expanding throughout Australia.


The Rockingham kiosk design pictured here is the first kiosk for the Health Freak Cafe brand and has been designed to reflect a modern edgy look to make the kiosk stand out in the mall as a striking feature.


This compact kiosk is sectioned into various work areas which allows each staff member to have an independent work station for coffee, ice cream , making juices, cooking on hot plates, preparing fresh ingredients and plating up for the sit down environment.


The wash station is also strategically placed in the middle of the food preparation environment to maximise the efficiency of the whole operation to keep the rotation of food delivery and wash up easy to maintain.


The materials considered for this kiosk embrace the raw and natural essence of the franchise whilst the angular design presents as a modern and fast moving Health food cafe.


Health Freak Cafe has the tools to expand this brand successfully into various shopping centres throughout Australia with this stunning kiosk design providing a fast and efficient food preparation environment which is as good as it's vast and comprehensive menu offering. (Below an extract from Health Freak Cafe)...


Health Freak Café is a clean and healthy eating café. The menu is diverse catering for all your fitness, health and special dietary requirement needs and is both 100% gluten and refined sugar free.


The cafes create an atmosphere that encourages people of all ages to live a healthier life, from the younger generation of “Little Freaks” right through to the elder generation of clientele.


The cafés promote health, balance and holistic wellness through our menu, helping people to live happy, healthy, active and well balanced lives, whilst reinforcing positive eating habits for future generations.

"Health Freak Cafe" - Kiosk Design,  Graphics &
Signage Design, Construction Drawings.

"Health Freak cafe kiosk"

This kiosk design was inspired by the existing logo and brand and captures a very modern and edgy look to build on the brands strengths.

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