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Juice Engine. is a perfect example of our complete design package including brand development, logo design, catch phrase, retail Juice bar design and construction drawings. We created Juice Engine as a unique brand with a very modern and edgy feel.


The menu and graphics package is cohesive with the cog logo design to visually communicate the juice Engine name and Power Up catch phrase promise of the brand.


The retail shop design has been carefully considered from all aspects of functionality providing individual work stations for the various offerings which the staff have to produce and a hidden wash area all within a very compact space.


The space planning and customer flow have been carefully considered to make this Juice Bar able to accommodate a fast and high turnover of customers in a relatively small area.


The sharp and stealth look to the interior design is in unison with the building design and enhances its triangular shapes.


The client engaged a local graffiti artist to paint the mural behind the counter.



"Juice Engine" - Brand Development,  Company Logo

Design, Juice Bar Shop Design, Construction Drawings.

"Juice Engine"

A powerful brand combined with a modern juice bar design located in the Dandenong square.

Designing beautiful spaces in every detail

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