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Toothpicks company logo retail design cafe design specialists

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We design brands to attract more customers to your kiosk, restaurant, cafe or business


Our branding process


• Establish key values

• Assess core audience

• Assess competitors

• Research industry and market

• Define a core message and voice

• Generate design presentation

• Feedback and revisions

• Develop visual identity

• Implement


Branding and logo development


Melbourne brand strategy & design agency Toothpicks Creative, providing brand strategy, brand identity, brand communications design, web site, corporate identity, brochure design, advertising services and photography.


We have created a brand agency that delivers tangible branding outcomes that significantly enhance a company’s ability to compete and grow in their particular market sector.


Understanding what inspires customers to desire your products and services is where we begin our journey to differentiate, influence, grow and succeed your brand to give you an advantage over your competitors.


The difference between two products of equal quality in the same market place and the price people are willing to pay for them is determined by the perception of the brand.


With more than 20 years experience across almost all markets including retail, FMCG, property, finance, corporate and professional service branding is what we do best.


After all we designed Boost Juice bars which has become one of Australia's most successful international brands.



We are experts in innovative strategic branding solutions.


Toothpicks Creative designed the Boost logo, photographed the iconic fruit images, developed many of the captions for the stores and was responsible for the complete signage, marketing, advertising and packaging of the Boost Juice Bars franchise from the begining.


We are Brand development experts when it comes to logo design's we create a unique corporate identity which reflects the core of the companies personality and brand.


Our design studio allows you to work directly with the design team to achieve your logo company logo's and brand strategy.



What we can do for you


Toothpicks Creative has a tested process for ensuring that we come up with an optimum branding solution.


We will work with you through this design process and deliver you a spectacular result to your deadline.


Toothpicks Creative has established a niche position as branding and retail specialists.


With this long-term experience, industry knowledge, creative flair and technical knowhow we have the capacity to build or reinvigorate your brand and drive more

customers to your business.

Phone: (03) 9533 5829 or Email:[email protected]

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