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"My Touch Kiosk Design Melbourne" - Retail Kiosk

Design and Construction Drawings.

This kiosk design is a perfect example of form and function working together to create a beautiful design which is practical and aesthetically pleasing.


The main structural supports for the glass displays were designed to look like they are floating and the pull out shelves are supported by these same structural supports.


The curved edges of these supports were designed to mimic the curved edges of a smart phone and soften the overall look of the square section glass which it also supports.


The black, white and stainless colour scheme of this kiosk design is intended to look high tech and on trend with the current smart phone and i pad look and feel to build confidence in the consumers mind that they are taking their phone to a high tech phone repair kiosk.


The kiosk design incorporated storage draws under the glass displays and combined strong linear design elements with rounded  corners to one end of the kiosk.


The overall result is a modern looking hi tech and low cost phone repair kiosk which is the first of many to come for this business with a view to franchise.

"My Touch phone repair kiosk"

Williams Landing Shopping Centre kiosk design which features glass displays and a concealed repair station behind perforated metal walls.

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