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Natures Brew Co. is a perfect example of our complete design package including business naming, brand development, logo design, retail kiosk design and construction drawings. We created Natures Brew as a unique brand which has a traditional home grow feel to enhance the brand identity to reflect natural produce.


Located in Alice Springs the logo was designed to reflect an organic theme with a modern edge by using a combination of typefaces from the hand written natures to the aged look of the word Brew.


We decided to ad the word co. to the base of the logo as it provides an established element to the overall brand identity and enhances a aspect of trust in the brand.


Natures brew Co. is an exciting and new complete brand development by Toothpicks Creative from the corporate logo design to the completion of the entire brand strategy and kiosk design.


These images show a 3d rendering of the kiosk design concept which will have translated into final construction drawings detailing all equipment, finishes and fixings.


The retail kiosk design has been carefully considered from all aspects of functionality providing individual work stations for the various offerings which the staff have to produce.


The juice making area is at the rear of the store and the delivery point for both juices and coffee's are designed to keep the customers clear of the front of the register and menu after they have placed their order.


The space planning and customer flow have been carefully considered to make this retail kiosk design a profitable business model in terms of individual food areas for serving and speed of delivery to customers.


Since opening in November 2014 Natures Brew Co. has proven to be an instant success attracting customers immediately with lots of comments about how great the kiosk looks and if this is a franchise business. It may become a franchise in the near future as it has all of the ingredients for huge success.

"The Natures Brew Co." - Juice Bar with coffee,

cakes and ice cream, - Brand identity company logo, graphic design, retail kiosk design and construction drawings

"Natures Brew Co. - Alice plaza - Alice Springs our customers experience with our company"


"Hi Wayne,

Just saw the photos sent by you and Pat. It looks great and I must give the credit to you for all of your support through out the whole way. It was best experience dealing with you. We are very happy and excited to  get this going. Will speak to you soon. Thanks once again.


Best Regards,



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