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"Photography" - the art of light


Everybody loves a great photo and your products or services have greater purchasing power when you look better than you competitors.


Whether you require product photography, on location or photo manipulation we have the facilities to accommodate all of your requirements.


We understand how to make photography fit the correct formats of your brochures and other material as we work in both areas of photography and design consistently.


Menu designs, advertising material, product photography in studio or making images for large format retail spaces we have experience in all aspects of photography and we can deliver outstanding results.


Sit back and enjoy this gallery of images which cross from commercial studio photography through to some beautiful scenic images from Africa, New Zealand and Los Angeles.


Photography by Wayne Boothman © Toothpicks Creative Pty Ltd not to be reproduced without our consent in writing.

Professional photography

If you need product photography, food photography, modeling, industry and machinery at Toothpicks Creative we offer a high quality service at affordable rates

Phone: (03) 9533 5829 or Email:[email protected]

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