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Complete retail spatial design service:


From concept to completion we can design your logo, graphics and entire business. Work directly with the team that can provide you with a complete design service’s all about how you look!


Toothpicks Creative has a specialized understanding of two & three dimensional design and what it takes to achieve real results for retail spaces, urban landscapes, signage and wayfinding, and retail shop design environments.


Toothpicks Creative combines creative development processes with a full spatial design capacity to deliver innovative and successful project outcomes. We have built many cutting edge brands that are innovative yet cost effective and meet the strictest production criteria.


Commercial design interiors are what we create with the brand identity matching the shop design.


For many customers we create a complete business solution by listening to their ideas and then forming a direction from which the whole design process evolves. It is always and enjoyable experience for us and our clients.




"Toothpicks Creative Pty Ltd was an integral part of getting Boost Juice Bars off the ground. Their commitment to a client's success clearly shows."

Janine Allis - Founder

Work direct with our design team to rejuvenate your brand and interior


Phone: (03) 9533 5829 or Email:[email protected]

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Established 1991 •  Boutique Design Studio •  Restaurant designer •  Kiosk designer •  Cafe designer • Bar designer •  Shop designer •  Interiors & Branding