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"Silverlynx - Stylish Living"

Silverlynx was a re branding of the existing business with new logo and slogan as well as designing display stands for presenting the Silverlynx furniture and bedding products.

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"Silverlynx" - Re Brand, Company Logo Design,

Graphic Design, Exhibition Display Design

Silver Lynx is a 100% Australian owned and operated company. Established in 1962, they pride ourselves a reputation for innovative furniture design, quality and excellence in service.


The new company logo and re brand for Silverlynx was designed to refresh the original logo which had a line drawing of a lynx cat. We wanted to keep a relationship to the traditions of the original brand so we came up with the idea of using the paw as an icon to work with the new series of fonts to developed the company logo.


"Stylish Living" was also created as a slogan for the company and we then supported the company with brochure designs, graphic designs for sales leaflets, exhibition and display designs.


The new corporate branding was well received in the market place and has

re- established Silverlynx as a modern furniture manufacturer with a strong tradition of excellence.

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