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Sumo Salad wanted to promoted their new Cold Pressed Juice range in a unique way in the franchise stores. A previous customer of ours began working for Sumo Salad and asked us to help by coming up with a concept to promote the natural based juices.


We had the initial idea to theme the promotion using a crate as the natural surrounding for the drinks fridge and insert tray into the existing salad fridges for stores which did not have enough space for the mini bar fridge.


We worked closely with the marketing department at Sumo Salad to ensure that the final artwork was retaining the integrity of the Sumo Cold Pressed branding as we made it look like it had been stamped on the crate looking self adhesive vinyl which wrapped the mini bar fridge.


The second solution for the existing in store fridges was to make a complimentary tray which was low cost, ridged and easy to transport throughout Australia. our re-board® engineered product was the perfect solution as it is very light weight and extremely strong and we could match the graphics and the printing to the fridge wrapped vinyl.


Further promotional items which we designed for Sumo Salad included a free give away fork with a cheeky caption of "who gives a fork" with T shirts to match for the street promotion and the "scoop of the day" breakfast promotion with a give away spoon to encourage patrons to come in for breakfast and enjoy a free juice.


Our creative team was able to offer some new ideas for the in house marketing team at Sumo Salad enhancing new ways to promote their business and new product releases.

"The Sumo Salad Promo" - Crate design concept

for mini bar fridge - re-board® engineered solution

and give away fork promotion.

"Sumo Salad - Promotional drinks fridge for Cold Press Juices" - To promote the Sumo Cold Press Juice product we designed a fridge which looks like a crate and a re-board® engineered solution for the existing display fridges. Also the Sumo free giveaway fork concept was launched in Sydney.

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