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The complete cafe interior design package with logo, branding, menu and website design which we offer when designing beautiful spaces in every detail.


Our interior designers first job was to space plan the interior and determine a workable layout for the commercial kitchen with an easy quick coffee access for more mobile customers who just want to get a coffee and keep moving.


The interior design also successfully accommodates customers who want to stay a while and enjoy the atmosphere with various types of setting available from bar style, tables and couch areas all carefully thought out to make the most of the interior design.


Ternary Tuckshop cafe logo design has an outlined font for an elegant look and the TT circle was designed to create a cool, recognisable icon to use on all of their branding.


The interior design for the cafe has a modern industrial feel to match the apartment complex where it is located in Richmond, Victoria.


We have also developed a simple website for the Ternary Tuckshop and provided the food photography and interior photography which you see on these pages giving the customer a complete brand development which is accross all forms of social media as well.


The Ternary Tuckshop is owned by David Kahn who is the founder and director of Crave Catering business which he also employed us at Toothpicks Creative to re-brand earlier in the year.


What a wonderful client he has been to come back for more.

Ternary Tuckshop - Cafe interior design, Retail design and Construction drawings, Brand development, Logo design, Graphic design, Signage, Menus & Website design.

"Ternary Tuckshop - Bromham Place Richmond"

After 18 months of planning and building, my cafe is about to open. Thank you; Wayne and Leisel from Toothpicks for a brilliant design and countless (unbilled hours) of changes.


David Kahan

Designing beautiful spaces in every detail

Phone: (03) 9533 5829 or Email:[email protected]

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