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Toto's is an iconic pizza restaurant located in Lygon Street Carlton. They wanted to rebrand but keep a sense of its history combined with an Italian feel.


The company logo brand development was created utilizing the historical, original iconic pizza man head from the 1950’s combined with the new slogan "Masters of Gourmet".


This franchise design and brand has a bit of an edge with a design philosophy to create a pizza house which reflects fresh home made ingredients with a restaurant quality offering gourmet take away pizzas.


The mobile delivery vespa's are an integral part of the brand strategy along with the Fiat car delivery as they are designed to be recognised as little Italian icons running all over town spreading the word about Toto's.


This franchise brand development has all the ingredients for a successful brand from the logo design, graphic design and retail design combination all working in harmony to market this traditional family business as a strong retail food franchise outlet.

"Toto's Pizza House" - Franchise brand development,

company logo, slogan, graphic design, retail design & construction drawings.

"Toto's - pizza house franchise"

Toto's is an iconic pizza restaurant located in Lygon Street Carlton looking to franchise. The design uses bricks, wood, stone bench tops and matt black with new graphics and a new logo.

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