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The complete design package for the Volt Cafe coffee situated in the new Salandra Rise precinct designed with a crisp and clean combination of matt black, white, greys and woodwork with a sophisticated feel and contemporary look.


The business name, logo design and brand identity was developed to capture a theme which is based on the Edison light bulb and the relationship of where all the energy comes from - "the volt"


The Volt Cafe has very dedicated and energetic owners, a lovely couple Cathy and Maki who love their coffee and their food and deliver a spectacular menu with unique and quality presentation.


The business name and brand development uses the light bulb image in the background in a glow in the dark vinyl treatment and the finer details which decorate the table settings use the light bulb theme cleverly to enhance the branding.


The day the Volt Cafe opened we went down to have lunch there and enjoyed a delicious home made Wagyu burger with wedges and home made aioli which was spectacular to say the least.


On our arrival the owners came out giving us hugs and telling us that we had exceeded beyond their wildest dreams with the cafe design and the publics immediate response to the opening day.


Maki is an extremely passionate barista creating the most divine and perfect coffee and the presentation of everything was perfection in every way.


I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole fresh strawberry in the bottom of my smoothie which was another quirky extra to the whole experience which the Volt Cafe delivers.


Coffee's and meals were non stop all morning from the moment they opened until long after we left that day and it was wonderful to see that this couple will make a great success of the Volt cafe design on the out skirts of Melbourne.



"The Volt Cafe" – Brand development, Business name, Company logo, Cafe design and Construction drawings.

 "Volt Cafe - Salandra Rise"

"There aren't enough words to describe how amazed, grateful and thankful we are to The Toothpicks Creative team! You exceeded each and every one of our expectations, and made our cafe dream come to life! Thank you!!"


The Volt Cafe has very passionate owners, a lovely couple Cathy and Maki who love their coffee and their food! This modern cafe design compliments the detail and attention this couple deliver with their beautiful food and coffee.

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