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"Zuji Sushi Bar" - Brand Development, Company Logo

design, Packaging Design, Food Cart Design

Toothpicks Creative designed the Zuji logo and developed of the brand to be used as a kiosk cart at Federation Square and also to be used as a mobile catering kiosk for various events at the MCG and other local stadiums.


Zuji wanted to create a unique image for a sushi bar kiosk. The sushi rolls are unique themselves with a cone shape in the way they are presented (see below). The idea behind the brand was to make a standout design with a relationship to the oriental positioning of the product.


The Zuji logo and brand design incorporated the idea of geometrical patterns to simulate Chinese paper cuts. This was how we were able to create a relationship with the oriental roots of the sushi product offering.


The use of colours were specifically chosen to reflect salmon, caviar and vegies such as carrots with all of the colours working in harmony and punching strongly out of the matt black background.

"Zuji Sushi bars - how do you roll?"

Zuji Sushi cart is a complete brand development including logo and slogan and mini cart design.

The company has plans to expand into stores in

the future.

Phone: (03) 9533 5829 or Email:[email protected]

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